A professional home organizer in a kitchen. They are placing a bottle of spices into a container.

Home Organization in Tampa

The goal isn’t to create a perfect minimalist aesthetic – it’s to make your house easy and joyful to live in!

Oak Tree Organizing was founded to help the people of Tampa Bay feel at home in their living spaces. We know that organizing isn’t just about physical objects; it’s about creating a space that supports your mental well-being. At Oak Tree Organizing, we want to help remove stress and make room for a peaceful, happy life.


Meet Kate

I’m Kate. Growing up here in Tampa, I developed a love of organizing at a young age. That love supported my work for my years as a high school teacher, helping me to create a structured, happy classroom. When I left education, I realized I could combine the empathy I utilized as a teacher with my love of organization to bring peace and order to Tampa Bay homes.  

When not organizing, I love to play tabletop role playing games, read books, and spend time with my partner and cat.


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An image of Kate, a professional home organizer.